(Wednesday, October 08, 2008)


Experience the psychosomatic 25 minute journey of Achim and get lost in a world of funked out space shit, where your mind enters the mental diseases of Achim Dexter. Get insight on how insanity gets you crackin up and clubbin at the same time. Storytelling with picturesque, fast pacing and bouncy transissions. Good luck fellas!

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Knock Yourself Out

(Monday, April 07, 2008)

Bird's Eye View OUT NOW!!

Boys and girls, the time has come. The Demograffics Album Bird's Eye View is finally here. HURRAHHHHH. I gotta say im excited about this one. As some may already know, we stay distant from worshipping cars and bitches, focusing mainly on bringing the boom bap back to the real heads. The project is a mixture of socially critical, lyrical comedy on top of dusty beats laced with sharp cuts. Straight up honest music with a message told mostly from a birds perspective, the eye that sees society from a different standpoint. Written and produced by your boy Achim, Djs Pimbo and Rufflow on the cuts. Time to get yours.
I'm out!!!

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